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Today, the personal and professional demands placed upon the business executive surpass any experience in the past. The savvy executive must know how to explore new markets, develop opportunities worldwide, and master the techniques necessary to outclass the competition while providing impeccable customer service.

The Etiquette and Protocol School's business and dining etiquette seminars are designed to train participants to utilize leadership skills. These skills can be implemented immediately to help project confidence and authority.

Learn practical business strategies that will enable you to outpace the competition. Reevaluate and redefine your goals for success through positive strategies that enhance your competency and professionalism.

Ninety-nine out of 100 executives said that social or soft skills were prerequisites to succeeding in business and social life. Etiquette knowledge has always been a valuable business tool. Developing proper etiquette and civility skills affords the opportunity for success. After all, good manners go hand in hand with leadership. Manners are as essential as a job skill.


Interactive seminars for children and teens will assist them in developing the skills and confidence necessary to easily navigate everyday encounters. These important tools build good leadership and social skills, while developing positive attitudes that last a lifetime.

Students also learn the importance of basic financial responsibility and money management. Knowledge of solid money management practices will instill invaluable lifetime skills. Starting young people on the right path to wealth is one of the greatest gifts of all.


  • Business Meeting Strategies
  • Assertive Communication/Public Speaking
  • Business Entertaining
  • Styles of Dining
  • How to Succeed in the International Arena


  • How to Make an Entrance and Work the Room
  • Leadership Skills That Command Respect
  • Integrity and Ethics
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Getting Ahead in a Competitive Environment


  • Manners and Social Graces
  • Styles of Formal and Informal Communication
  • Character Building and Self Confidence
  • The Art of Dining
  • Wealth Lessons for Youth
Etiquette for College Students & Young Adults Customized Training

The etiquette and protocol skills acquired during these specialized seminars will serve as a catalyst for improved career enhancement and marketability. Protocol knowledge mastered during seminars
will set you apart from your college peers competing in today's job market.

Etiquette savvy defines appropriate and inappropriate business behaviors between superiors, colleagues, professional associates, and acquaintances. It clarifies what is important in making and maintaining quality relationships. Etiquette savvy positions you to distinguish yourself from the competition.



  • Proper Introductions/Effective Networking
  • The Art of Dining
  • Projecting a Positive Image/Body Language
  • Professional Business Savvy
  • Strategies that Enhance Success
  • Adult/Youth Seminars
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Corporate Workshops
  • Youth Mini-Camps

The Etiquette and Protocol School, LLC,
provides interactive seminars and workshops for people of all ages. It is a proven fact, knowledge is power. Why not possess the etiquette intelligence needed to succeed in today's global society?

Jacquelyn Small Thomas, a certified consultant, is the owner and director of The Etiquette and Protocol School, LLC. Thomas an experienced educator, owned and operated The Children's Center of Richmond, Inc., for thirteen years. She received training and certification as a Children's Etiquette Consultant and Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant from the Protocol School of Washington.

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